Keep calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the first draft.

It all started six days ago. Like most things I commit to, this idea didn’t give me much choice.

Sunday last week was a hideous day. The sky was grey, but not in a “insert analogy for storm here” kind of way. In a boring kind of way.

My husband, The Angry Chef, and I had already done all the dirty work (cleaning, washing, ironing, grocery shopping) the day before. The streets were completely quiet. The Angry Chef and I shared a glass of wine in the kitchen, watching the clouds hover over the Mont Blanc and the Saleve.

I should mention that writing is a large part of my life; my job requires a lot of writing (more than talking, actually), and I studied journalism at university because I loved writing so much. When I come home after a tough day at work, writing relaxes me, because it’s free; my imagination goes wild, because I don’t have to do it for a reason, and I don’t have to do it within a professional framework. It’s kind of natural, like laughing. And I like laughing.

And this how my stories (long, short, good, bad) flourish. I go on a “writing high”, and it feels like I can do it for hours. Writing is the only thing that gets me out of bed before 06h30, after I went to bed late because (surprise, surprise) I was writing.

So on this particular Sunday, probably because it was so quiet, I went on my first writing high since March. And it felt good. I wasn’t that keen on the story that I was writing, or the characters in it, but here’s what’s important: I was writing.

The high lasted all week. I had an event to attend in Montreux on Tuesday morning, and I spent the entire train ride editing the material from the two previous days. Pretty much every day I was jumping out of bed at 06h00 and sitting in front of my computer, writing away. By this afternoon I had racked up 6,162 words.

But now the real challenge begins. Because I can feel the high running dry, and I know I need to continue working on this draft, developing the characters and fighting the writer’s block I can feel coming on.

As I venture past the writer’s block onto my goal of 10’000 words by Sunday, October 28, I feel encouraged by the words of a certain gentleman:

“When you’re going through hell, keep walking.”

(Do you remember the author of this quote?)

But enough about me, for now. I got some more writing to do.

Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Keep calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the first draft.

  1. Mom says:

    Also when you’re going through heaven – keep on writing!!!! Congratulations on a job very well done!
    (Speaking of a job very well done…) Your proud Mom

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