Sporting a cheesy grin

Invited to a business dinner this evening. The theme was Switzerland – fondue, washed down with Swiss chasselas (white wine), to the sound of cowbells and Alphoerner (look it up – you won’t regret it), all in delightful company from all over the world.

Sadly, no time to write today; I had some time to write yesterday morning before going to work, so am thankfully past the 7,000 word mark (by 26 words, in case you’re curious). Still in agony over the quality (or lack thereof) of what I’ve written since Sunday. Ugh. I need to freshen things up. This is taking a dangerous turn into your regular “seen-it-all-before” story. And I can’t live with that. Damn it, I shan’t!

Hope to have something more interesting to tell you tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading!


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