… and I’m back!

Some more writing done. Ha! Feeling like I’m getting it again. You know you got it again when it’s eight in the evening, and you got home late from work and after works drinks with a colleague you never see, and you haven’t seen your husband all day, and you’re so excited you could kiss your computer screen.

Nearly a thousand words today. One. Freaking. Thousand. On this joyous occasion, I decided that once I reach ten thousand words this Sunday (which I know I will, because knowing you are reading this gives me more confidence than I could ever thank you for), I will review the entire draft, aiming for an overhaul of the story. You read it right. I could copy-paste it for you to be sure, but I’m not as cheeky as that.

Ok, I am, but I prefer not to be repetitive.

Since I’m on a roll and all, I’ll keep going to see where it takes me. Thank you so much for reading and good night!


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