Stitzer’s Vacation Principle

According to Stitzer’s Vacation Principle, “when packing for a vacation, take half as much clothing and twice as much money.”

This is usually The Angry Chef’s modus operandi.

People say opposites attract, and I believe them. If I didn’t, all I’d have to do is look at The Angry Chef’s luggage and mine, and I’d be convinced. He packs for a two-week holiday like he’s going on a two-week holiday. I pack for a two-week holiday like someone who’s fleeing a conflict zone.

And no, in this event, there’s no way I’d be able to only pack essentials. My packing conversation went like this:

The Angry Chef: How many pairs of shoes are you taking?

Me: Seven.

The Angry Chef: That’s one pair for every two days!

Me: So… what’s your point?

People have different packing habits. But when it comes to packing for a vacation and packing for business travel – that’s where I can see the differences between The Angry Chef and me. Once upon a time, when The Angry Chef often travelled to Africa, I did most of his packing. When I’m travelling for business, I can normally fit three days’ worth of clothes in a bag that can be considered hand luggage.

And then, of course, there is the little square plastic bag challenge. The Angry Chef asks me why I keep so many minis and free samples in our closet, and I tell him the same thing every time: because when you’re travelling for three days, it makes no sense to dispatch luggage or take a whole bottle of shampoo.

I’m feeling quite proud of myself now that I managed to finish packing (four pairs of shoes, in the end), and put together a decent square plastic bag (eye cream, eye drops, moisturizer, evian spray, lip balm and hand cream). Now all I have to do is master my fear of flying.

Might take a bit longer than one night.

And it’ll be one hell of a lot more complicated than packing.

Have a good night, and thank you for reading.


4 comments on “Stitzer’s Vacation Principle

  1. Candice says:

    Lovely! I can see it! And totally get the shoe thing. Good job getting down to four pairs! At least there will be a plastic bag in the seat pocket if you do go into panic mode. ­čśë Have a great time!

  2. Evil Boss says:

    The more shoes the merrier and anyway sandals take up 30% less space. So there

  3. Ed Mercer says:

    Women and their shoes. Cau packs a bag just for them. And one for cat paraphernalia. And one filled to the brim with books.

    For any trip shorter than a month I have trouble filling a backpack.


    • brightaylor says:

      I can’t vouch for the cat paraphernalia, but I don’t think you can ever pack too many shoes. Or books. It’s all about helping you feel comfortable when you travel. Ask Cau, she’ll know.

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