That’s a good sign

One of the things I’m enjoying most about Barbados (together with the beautiful weather, the fantastic food and the friendly people), are the signs you see in the street for restaurants and businesses. One of the best so far (which I sadly couldn’t get a picture of) was in Speightstown: “Taxi driver & Architectural Design”.

One sign invited onlookers to advertise on a public bench and “Be Seen” (as opposed to the Monty Python-sponsored “How not to be seen“). Another invited you to sit and play on a piano donated by “Pianoman Barbados”. A hand-painted sign nailed to a light post read “Bee Keeper” above two phone numbers. I insisted that The Angry Chef call to inquire about what’s necessary to Adopt-a-stop (see above), specifically if we could name one “Chunders The Cat” – the one across the street from our hotel is not yet named, and I feel it would be fitting. The Angry Chef disagrees (at least for now).

Thank you for reading!


One comment on “That’s a good sign

  1. Keep writing, keep writing… I will keep on reading!

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