Of pigeons and other cheeky birds

There, I’ll say it: the birds on this island think they can get away with murder (for clarity, not in a Hitchcock kind of way).

I’ve been doing a lot of writing on our balcony at the hotel, and not a day goes by without a blackbird, a sandpiper, a pigeon or all three trying to get past me, hop (not fly) into the room, and steal (I kid you not) a packet of Sweet’N Low from the coffee tray, which they then sometimes drag out onto the balcony, and pick to pieces. I tell you, there aren’t many things scarier than coming out of the bathroom after a shower and finding a couple of blackbirds with bright yellow eyes feasting on the remains of a pink packet.

One poignant question remains: why Sweet’n Low? There is a selection of sweeteners, white sugar and brown sugar on the tray. Is it the colour of the packet? Have they tried all the others and decided this is the one that best meets their dietary requirements? Who knows.

Yes, I know, the posts on this blog are becoming quite silly (although I must admit Chunders The Cat was a moment of brilliance – I have rewarded him with a bit of shrimp from my plate when The Angry Chef wasn’t looking). But I assure you, it’s only because every ounce of my idle brain has been used on my manuscript lately (21,517 words so far). I’m quite happy with the progress so far; the story no longer makes me want to throw my computer out the window like a Frisbee, and I can feel a common voice developing throughout. It reads a lot like my own, which is what I was aiming to achieve in the first place.

I will do my best to get to 25,000 words before we leave the island on Thursday – I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. But until then… Thank you so much for reading!


2 comments on “Of pigeons and other cheeky birds

  1. marcellehohl says:

    Love the text, love the pic! Keep calm and keep on writing.

  2. Ed Mercer says:

    What cousin said. Carry on.

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