When suddenly, in the still of the night…

The Kichen


It wasn’t a loud voice. But it did wake me.

It was a woman’s voice, which sounded like it was coming from somewhere far away, echoing from a dark abyss somewhere. I woke up and immediately looked to the window to check if there was anyone there (we live on the fourth floor, but after you live in a big city some habits die hard). There was no-one there. Continue reading


The comfort food update


Yes, I, too, realised that I mentioned the comfort food challenge nearly a week ago and haven’t had the time to actually talk about the eating that went on last weekend. So no more dilly-dallying. Let’s talk food.

But before we do, there is something to be said for presentation. I’d love to tell you comfort food is simply prepared and beautifully presented, but I’d be lying through my teeth – and I don’t that, especially not with my mouth full of boeuf bourguignon. So please, take the photos below with a grain of (sea) salt.

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Storm warning

The ghost of winters past

After a nice weekend (during which the weather unilaterally decided to go to hell in a hand basket), it was time to go back to work. We’re not snowed under yet, but according to the usually wrong Swiss weather predictions we’re expecting some snow this week. Possibly Thursday afternoon.

Now, before you start judging, I’ll point out that I actually enjoy living in Geneva. It’s a lovely city, it’s small, but with all the gastronomic resources a wildly varied international crowd expects

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The comfort food challenge

It’s now officially that time of the year when every person you know either has a cold or is recovering from a cold. I feel a cold coming on, mostly because its first symptoms (coughing and feeling sorry for myself) have already settled in.

So since I decided to look after myself this weekend to make sure this cold doesn’t get any worse, The Angry Chef (who’s really been thinking about this since I wrote about comfort food) decided to issue and accept a challenge: to design and cook a menu of comfort food for this weekend. And he might was well – we’re finally getting some of that cold weather and nasty rain people in the United Kingdom have been talking about, and all you have to do is look outside to change your mind about bundling up in layers of clothes and venturing out.

Stay tuned – I’ll reveal the menu tomorrow night, hopefully with photos to go along. And while the cooking is going on in the kitchen, I’ll see if I can get some writing done in the meantime (currently stuck at 29,188 words – hopefully will pass the 30,000 word mark by Sunday night…).

Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading!

Kitchen comforts

My first lasagnaFrom time to time, I get the blues for no particular reason, which I guess it’s quite normal this time of year (especially if you, like me, live in the northern hemisphere). I know I’m not alone in this one. And from time to time, neither a new pair of shoes, nor new lipstick, nor a new haircut succeeds in pulling me out of this funk. When nothing else will do (and sometimes even when something else will do just fine), the response to the blues is comfort food – thus named for a reason. Continue reading