Dear Sean Penn…

… the honour of your company is humbly requested…

We’re certainly not all like Ariel. But we all wish to see a dream come true.On March 1st, the critically acclaimed movie “Colegas (Buddies)” will premiere in Brazil. The movie tells the story of three young people with Down Syndrome who one day decide to run away from the institution they have been living in to search for their dreams. The lead character is played by actor Ariel Goldemberg, and his life long dream is to meet Sean Penn, who was his biggest inspiration to fight the odds and become a successful actor. In an attempt to help Ariel achieve his dream, his cast members put together the video above, with cameos from several Brazilian celebrities, and have launched an online campaign so that the video would reach Sean Penn.

I don’t know if Sean Penn is free or shooting on location faraway, but what I do know is that there is a young Brazilian actor working hard to change the way we deal with Down Syndrome and that posting this video is the very least I can do to show my support and to help an incredible human being to fulfill his dream of meeting his greatest idol. Please show your support and help make Ariel’s dream of meeting Sean Penn a reality by posting the video above with the hashtag #VEMSEANPENN.



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