50,000 words and other little achievements

DSC_1673Six months ago today, I was feeling positively giddy. There were at least two reasons for this.

Six months and two days ago, while enormously pregnant, I composed the following whatsapp message to The Angry Chef:

“My manuscript reached 50,000 words!!! How awesome is that???”

The high from this achievement was wonderful, empowering: my manuscript was (finally) getting somewhere! I was the size of a Smart car *and* making progress towards finishing my book!

This excitement lasted exactly a couple of days, and then, something funny happened. To spare you the gory, unnecessary details, I’ll just give it to you straight: I went into labour.

And just 12 hours later, there he was: The Little Sous-Chef.

Believe everything you ever heard, and believe nothing you ever heard. This is the truth in a nutshell: motherhood changes everything. I understand this is different for each mother, but I can truthfully say (without blinking, or anything) that motherhood changed everything for me: it brought me a self-confidence I never had before (never mind changing diapers – labour puts your body through stuff you never, ever imagined you could endure, with or without an epidural), and a sense of serenity I had never experienced.

Becoming a mother made me an optimist for the first time in my life (yes, life is not easy, but yes, somehow everything is going to be okay), because for the first time ever, it’s not all about me. As an acquaintance put it to me a couple of days ago, “Now you have everything you need to understand life.” Yes, I do.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.


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