50,000 words and other little achievements

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Well, this is embarassing… *UPDATE*

… After  rather long hiatus and nearly intolerable pause between posts, I’m taking the time to apply myself and work on my manuscript for a bit. I’ll keep you posted (ha-ha) on the growing number of words in the meantime. Image So far, so good: 45,077 46,007 words (or: 34,923 33,993 words to my goal)  

Brave new world of publishing

Yesterday morning I decided to step away from the desk and join the Geneva Writers Group to listen to three literary agents – Ayesha Pande, Oliver Munson and Nicola Barr – talk about the current state of the publishing industry. I was really curious to see what the prospects are for non-published writers. There were a couple of articles recently trying to convince people that writing cannot be considered a “real” occupation as the chances to strike gold are bleak, to put it mildly. Although the three agents weren’t as straightforward – or cruel – to put it that way, they didn’t sugar-coat the fact that, especially since the economic crisis (2009, that magical year), publishers are taking fewer risks.

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