I’m drifting. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, there I am on a small boat, rowing, rowing, trying to get away from something, trying to make it home. I think to myself that I should have exercised more throughout the year because rowing is much harder than I thought it could ever be.

The water is at once clear and turquoise. I can see the shadow of my boat on the sand some three metres below me. Indeed, I can see my own shadow. And that of the other three people on the boat with me.

I let the oar down for a moment, and it nearly slips away and into the crystal clear water, just nearly. Before it does, Nowhere Man stops it, pulls it back into the boat, to safety. I’m exhausted, on the verge of tears, really. I’m so tired. I can’t go on. Continue reading


The big short

Hair, there and everywhere

Hair, there and everywhere

My hair came back from Barbados with a serious case of identity crisis; it simply refused to believe it was no longer in Barbados.

I can’t blame it. My name was on the plane ticket and even I can’t believe I’m no longer there.

Since I hadn’t cut my hair in nearly six months, two weeks of sun, heat and swimming in the sea amounted to about two years of damage. So about a week ago, I decided it was time to live up to my promises to myself and cut it short. Continue reading

The Barbados report (finally!)

The view when we looked right from our balcony

The view when we looked right from our balcony

Things have been a bit topsy-turvy since we’ve been back (more on that later), but now it’s finally time to dish out some Barbados recommendations.

As I mentioned previously, Barbados is a friendly, laid back place. We stayed in St James, on the West coast of the island, where things are significantly quieter than on the south coast (so I’m told; honestly, I didn’t go see for myself). I probably wouldn’t recommend the west coast if you’re travelling on your own, but if you are, the chatty and amiable taxi drivers on the island will be your best source for recommendations. They are kind of like the guardian angels of the island – they see everything and everyone. Continue reading

An open letter to Switzerland

Dear Switzerland,

It has come to my attention that sitting by the ocean is more conducive to my part-time occupation of being a writer. (Please note that there is no income associated with this part-time occupation, and hence you may not tax me, as I am sure you’d love to do.) Continue reading